The first “volley” in the war against whitey……….

NAACP supports Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor: Warns Senate foes to focus on qualifications

The NAACP, the nation’s oldest and largest civil rights group, kicked off its centennial celebration Saturday by throwing its weight behindSupreme CourtnomineeSonia Sotomayor.

The group vowed a “full-court press” to ensure thatBronxnative Sotomayor is named the nation’s first Hispanic member of the high court. Senate confirmation hearings begin tomorrow.

“We fully support her,” saidNAACP President Benjamin Jealous, calling for senators to stick to her record and stay clear of personal attacks. “An attack against one of us is an attack against all of us.”

Jealous singled outSen. Jeff SessionsofAlabama, theGOP‘s top player on the panel, who is expected to lead any challenges against her, and warned him to watch out.

“Sessions should cool his heels and focus on her qualifications,” he said, adding that thousands of members will be lobbying Sessions and other senators behind the scenes to confirm Sotomayor.

Jealous made the remarks at a press conference opening the group’s 100th anniversary convention in midtown, running through Thursday at the Hilton New York.

Highlights include a speech byPresident Obamaon Thursday, as well an appearances byMayor Bloombergtonight andAttorney General Eric HolderandGov. Patersontomorrow.

Top leaders of the group were also wined and dined atGracie Mansionlast night at a swanky reception hosted by Bloomberg.

Organizers said another highlight of the six-day convention will come tomorrow when they plan to unveil a sweeping initiative on criminal justice and law enforcement.

Part of the initiative includes a new online push called the “Rapid Responder System,” which aims to combat police misconduct by encouraging witnesses to send in photos and videos of attacks, organizers said.

ActorJeffrey Wright, who claims he was Tasered by Louisiana cops during an arrest last summer, and police shooting victimSean Bell‘s father, William, are also slated to be on hand to unveil the program.

Sounds to me that the NAACP (the national association against caucasian people) has declared war on anybody who dare say anything about the Supreme Court nominee. Just more proof that Obama’s election wasn’t about who was a better choice but……………”gettin’ whitey back!”

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