MICHAEL GOODWIN: Obama’s Slip Is Showing

By Michael Goodwin
New York Daily News Columnist/FOX News Contributor

One ofPresident Obama‘s favorite words is “unsustainable.” It also happens to be the perfect description of his standing with the American people.

Polls consistently find he is personally more popular than his major policies. That situation is unsustainable – something has to give. The first law of politics says the two must eventually get in sync.

Bet that Obama’s popularity will give. In part that’s because, even if he wanted to, he can’t undo the big policies the public doesn’t like, especially his adding to the deficit and his aggressive push to get government more involved in private industry.

Another reason is that Obama doesn’t want to change course and ridicules those who think he should. At a Democratic fund-raiser Thursday, the President reportedly mimicked a robot as he called criticism of his policies “predictable.”

His partisan audience yukked it up, but the last laugh may be on Dems who follow their audacious leader too closely. Dem gains in the last two elections came primarily from conservative-leaning districts and some members already are worried about re-election. If the tide turns against Obama, they could be in trouble.

Yet Obama, likeGeorge Bush, seems to be digging a foxhole and insisting he is right and the public is wrong. We know how that worked out for Bush and theGOP.

While it’s too early to say Obama’s honeymoon is over, the public is waking up to the danger of uncontrolled government power and spending. Three separate polls last week had similar findings, and they weren’t pretty for theWhite House.

Two found decline in Obama’s job approval rating. AWall Street Journal/NBC Newspoll pegged it at 56%, down five points. Most important, independents dropped dramatically, from nearly a two-to-one approval to closely divided.

Nearly 70% of those polled are worried aboutWashington‘s intervention in the economy and 58% said Obama and Congress should focus more on the deficit. Most disapproved of Obama’s decision to close the terrorists’ prison atGuantanamo.

Similarly, thePew Research Centerfound Obama’s approval on the economy has declined from 60% in April to 52% now.

A third poll, by theNew York TimesandCBS, found 60% of Americans believe Obama doesn’t have a plan to deal with the deficit. Less than half approve of how he is dealing with health care and automakers.

In the short term, Obama is prevailing with nonstop campaigning. From daily TV speeches to political-style town halls, he is using his best weapons – his charisma and the power of the office. It’s haveTelePrompTer, will travel.

But facts, such as rising unemployment, are stubborn things and Obama’s long-term problem is that he is giving only lip service to public doubts. He says he wants government to have a “light touch,” yet every move is heavy-handed.

He says the deficit keeps him awake at night, yet he spends his daytime hours adding to it, most recently with a health bill that would cost at least $1 trillion over 10 years.

Obama dares call this reform and says it will save money. Wisely, the public doesn’t believe him. And just wait till voters get the bill for his carbon tax.

Even Congress is getting rebellious. The health bill is proving too expensive for some liberals who clamored for it and Obama’s overhaul of financial services was met mostly with skepticism.

The most dramatic rebuke came when the House voted 405-1 to condemnTehran‘s crackdown on demonstrators protesting the election. The bold, bipartisan statement stands in contrast to Obama’s wishy-washy comments, when he said he didn’t want to be seen as “meddling.”

He is guilty of far worse – of looking weak while a democracy revolution unfolds in a dangerous Muslim nation.

That’s not where an American President should be, even one certain he always knows best.


Obama is showing, more and more, he is nothing more then a huckster. A blowhard without any plan or direction. Worse yet, he doesn’t have the backbone to do what is right whether it is popular or not.  He is to busy wanting to be “loved” and being known as “Barack, the benevolent”. He is getting us deeper and deeper into debt. Using the classic liberal “just throw money at it” strategy. Now, we have a situation in Iran where it looks like the Iranian people have just about enough of those maniac mullah’s and what does “Barack the benevolent” do??????? Well? We are waiting…….(tick tock tick)

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