The Nortre Dame speech………….

             Just a few thought on the speech the President gave at Notre Dame University over the weekend. I find it quite curious that his “saviour-ness” felt compelled to give a commencement at a Catholic university and discuss abortion in the speech. Granted, there were people who expressed reservations that he were even invited to speak considering is views were contrary to the Church’s view. I, personally, think that the protesters should NOT have mentioned it.I understand how “heated” some are on this topic. With that said, you would think that the President would not state those views there. WHY, WHY, WHY, do we need to talk about abortion at a commencement speech? It makes no sense UNLESS you WANT to cause a problem OR you are so full of yourself that you DEMAND submission on the issue. You would expect a president—a diplomat, to be just that. But, not this president! He is too busy wanting to be Emperor!


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