“he doesn’t need a water dog…he needs a guide dog.”–Mike Huckabee

From CNN….

WASHINGTON (CNN) – Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said President Obama should see the grassroots “Tea Party” movement as “genuine” in a letter to supporters of his political action committee on Friday.

“Mr. President the tea parties = real moms, dads, small business owners concerned about a government adrift that is doubling down on spending,” Huckabee said in the letter posted on his web site. “If President Obama is blind to what is happening on his front porch…he doesn’t need a water dog…he needs a guide dog.”

Huckabee is using Huck PAC as a fundraising tool for candidates that he says are committed “to fiscal sanity, lower taxes, a strong national defense, life and traditional marriage.”

The “grass roots movement” maybe just what this country needs right now. We need our federal government to be, what a former employer of mine once used in its marketing, “smaller but friendlier”. Because, the bigger government gets………..the less freedom you have. so remember….

                      “Smaller is friendlier, bigger is badder”               


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