Coleman dodges egg with ‘Bush move’

Politico reports……

Republican Norm Coleman used a quick George Bush-esque move to dodge an egg thrown at him outside his Minnesota home.

Coleman told police that he heard a thumping on his door Tuesday night and walked outside to investigate. Upon seeing Coleman, a man yelled “I [expletive] can’t stand what you represent” and threw an egg at him.

“He said something, some little obscenity, and then he threw another one,” Coleman told the St. Paul Pioneer Press. “I kind of ducked. A George Bush move.”

“I ran after him, but I didn’t get him.”

Coleman remains locked in a legal fight with Democrat Al Franken for Minnesota’s vacant Senate seat. A three-judge panel declared Franken the winner earlier this week, but Coleman has vowed to appeal.

I find it amazing how the “liberal left” loves to accuse the “right wing” and the Republican party of being “mean spirited”, evil, filled with hatred, and then they either say or do things like the above news article. I would like to put forth the notion that they yell, scream, and point fingers so much because they are projecting their own deep seated hatred on to others as a way of, subconsciously, venting on themselves and/or to cover their true nature.

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