Screw You Bro’!!!

Again from ABCNEWS……

Earlier this week, Malik Obama, half-brother of U.S. President Barack Obama, checked into a local hospital in western Kenya with a possible case of cholera. He wouldn’t confirm to media that he had the disease, but a local source told me that Malik Obama had been treated in the cholera ward for the past three days and would be released today.

Malik Obama was a guest at his brother’s inauguration in Washington, D.C., in January. But Kogelo, President Obama’s father’s birthplace and where Malik still resides, is a long way from the beltway, not just in distance but also economically.

I’ve been to Malik’s homestead. By Kenyan standards, it would be considered middle class — there’s a television, make-shift electricity, running water. But the village is largely off the electric grid and women travel distances to get daily water.

The closest thing to health care Kogelo has is a dispensary – a little clinic stocked with few drugs and health workers who can refer patients to larger hospitals in nearby towns. And so this village of 5,000 is prone to outbreaks of a disease that is nearly nonexistent in the West.

Cholera is common on the subcontinent. It’s an intestinal disease, caused by drinking and eating contaminated water and food. An outbreak occurs when there’s a breakdown in sanitation conditions and a lack of safe drinking water.

The most prominent outbreak at the moment is in Zimbabwewhere more than 60,000 people have been infected, and more than 3,000 have died. The disease is relatively easy to treat. Victims are given oral rehydration salts to replace the fluids lost through vomiting and diarrhea; in severe cases, fluids are injected intravenously. With proper care, most patients, like Malik Obama, are cured and discharged within a couple of days.

A look at the World Health Organization’s map of cholera outbreaks over the past two years shows that it is largely a poor man’s disease. It’s rampant in developing countries throughout Africa and Southeast Asia, and nearly nonexistent in the West, which has advanced water treatment systems. The last major cholera outbreak in the United States was in 1910. Kenya, on the other hand, is in the midst of at least two outbreaks.

Kenyans are very proud of the fact the President Obama has roots here, none likely more so than his own brother. “Yes we can” is a favorite saying here, often used by Kenyans to demand the same change in their government and infrastructure as the recent elections brought about in the United States.

But when the brother of the leader of the free world still lives in conditions in 2009 that leave him susceptible to a disease that the United States hasn’t seen in nearly a hundred years, it’s clear it will take more than a phrase and people power to bring health care here to a modern standard.

Once again we see the true phony Obama is. Here is his sick half-brother sitting in the jungles of Kenya while Mr. “I’m going to save the world” is hobnobbing with foreign leaders and royalty. That alone should show EVERYBODY the true character of the savior-in-chief. If the man has no compassion for his own family…………do you REALLY think he has any for you? Would ANYBODY really complain if he brought his brother here, at least, to get the best health care? Do you think he would, at least, in the street vernacular, “break da brotha off”? How about just acknowledging the poor guy exists? Oh, that’s right, we can’t remind Obama who he really is. He’s just the “poor kid from Chicago” right? (wink, wink) I guess will can safely assume Kenya isn’t a stop on………………….

                       “DEPRESSION  09—THE OBAMA WORLD TOUR”

2 Responses to “Screw You Bro’!!!”

  1. yasserbooley Says:

    the originalgatekeeper … we dont need those anymore, or do we?
    i have just had time to read this article, none of the others as of yet… it is true that the calibre of a man can be seen in his relations to his family. if i were to be brutally honest, i would admit that i myself have not been the best brother or son of late. i wonder if this is not an “illness” of our time rather than a condition reserved singly for the “selfish” in our ranks?

    what do you think?


    • theoriginalgatekeeper Says:

      I understand your point and, in general, you are correct. However, being the President of the United States, he is afforded far more then you or I. Also, there is the “political factor”. Do you, if you were President, want to be seen cold and unfeeling to your own family? Especially, since one of the things he campaigned on was “families need help”. Yes, Mr. President, they do………….including your own!

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