Obama’s Vision for the USA–same as a bankrupt California?

  After living in California the last 7 years, this FoxNews article really struck a cord with me. As I have described it previously, California is a Ultra-Liberal bastion that is just a veneer, covering the true Fascist nature of these people. Many think this state is run by the ex “flower child” from the 60’s in a “we all just do what we feel” mentality. However, the opposite is the case. California is so heavily regulated, you practically need state permission to sneeze! Unless, of course, you are wealthy enough—hello OJ!  

  California does have a few laws that DEFINITELY based upon the economic status of the potential offender. i.e. jaywalking tickets are a regular occurrence on “Skid Row” but, crosswalks are painted diagonally to encourage it in Beverly Hills. This also from a state who is trying to institute laws that say if you live on the 20th floor of a 20 story building and a young child lives on the 1st floor, you should NOT be permitted to smoke in your own apartment 20 floors away! 
   Lastly, California is the state that has banned the police from inquiring from someone they have  arrested or they have detained, if that person is legally in the country. Yes, California DOES ENCOURAGE illegal immigration.       

If You Like California’s Sorry State of Affairs, You’re Gonna Love Obama’s Vision for America

By Jon Kraushar
Communications Consultant

Some of President Obama’s critics say he wants to turn America toward European-style socialism but maybe he’ll settle for imitating California.

California, once known for its robust capitalism, growth and sunny optimism (after all, it’s the state that brought us Ronald Reagan), has become a pitiful giant, pinned down by the same kind of big government that Obama envisions for the country.

Obama has struck a deal with Crown Publishing Group to write a book after his term ends. If he succeeds in making America resemble California, perhaps Obama will title it “Dreams From California.”

California is virtually bankrupt after years of out-of-control state government spending (it leads the country in spending on government employees) and is begging for a federal bailout. Its extreme “green” environmentalism and health care costs (it keeps flirting with universal health care) are among the reasons that its economy is crippled. It has the nation’s fourth highest unemployment rate, ranks 48 out of 50 states in K-12 education (even though it spends twice the national average on education), and is swamped by illegal immigrant families overwhelming its social services and welfare system.

Fortune magazine points out that in California…

“In the past year more people have lost jobs . . . than in any other state. More homes have gone into foreclosure. More banks have failed . . . businesses are moving out at an alarming rate, most often citing excessive regulation and intolerable taxes. For top earners, California’s taxes are the highest in the U.S. And to what end? California’s credit rating is the lowest in the nation.”

“California here we come” has become “California here we go.” Last year, 144,000 more people decamped from California than entered it. — That’s the worst out-migration in the nation! A few reasons:

– According to The Milken Institute, California is the costliest place in America to do business

– It has the second highest tax rates in the country

– It is a trial lawyer’s paradise where there may be more nuisance suits than bathing suits.

For public employee unions, California is truly the Golden State. Its teachers and prison guards are the highest paid in the nation. According to Investor’s Business Daily, California long ago “granted recognition to unions on a card-check basis, without a requirement for secret-ballot elections. Not surprisingly, California’s public-sector work force is now much more unionized than the nation’s as a whole.”

For even more background on the California crack-up click here.

Democrats hold sway in California government. The state’s Republican governor—Arnold Schwarzenegger—keeps flexing his political muscles further and further to the left while his government balloons into a grotesque, intrusive bully on steroids, kicking sand in the faces of taxpayers.

In short, California is over-taxing, over-spending, over-regulating and over-suing its good citizens—and its unsustainable debt, soaring deficit, Democratic Party domination and dependency on big government—make it a model for the sequel to Barack Obama’s best-selling book “Dreams From My Father.”

Obama has struck a deal with Crown Publishing Group to write a book after his term ends. If he succeeds in making America resemble California, perhaps Obama will title it “Dreams From California.”

Communications consultant Jon Kraushar is at http://www.jonkraushar.net.


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