Barney Frank—Heterophobe

Below is an article from CBSNews/AP with the nations leading “heterophobe” calling out a Justice of the Supreme Court. I believe time has come to start “hoisting on their own petard” the name calling. hypocritical Leftists. If Justice Scalia does not believe that homosexual marriage is expressly permissible in the Constitution, that is his opinon whether it is right or wrong. But, Barney Frank–who by the way, had his own scandel in the 90’s involving him having sex with someone on his payroll-believes that any abnormal behavior is permissible and, probably, should be encouraged.From is statements, it seems to suggest, if you disagree, you are inherently evil and full of hate. You cannot simply disagree. 

I think it is time to give these name-calling leftist a “dose of their own medicine”. If those who disagree with gay marriage or who do now approve of homosexuality are “homophobes” (which, by the way is a misnomer. A “phobe” is some one who hates not disagrees with), then, I suggest that Barny Frank, in turn, should be called a “hetrophobe” for his disdain for the pleasures of a woman.
(CBS/AP)  Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank called Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia a “homophobe” in a recent interview with a gay news Web site. 

In an interview on, the Democratic lawmaker, who is gay, was discussing gay marriage and his expectation that the high court would some day be called upon to decide whether the Constitution allows the federal government to deny recognition to same-sex marriages. 

“I wouldn’t want it to go to the United States Supreme Court now because that homophobe Antonin Scalia has too many votes on this current court,” said Frank. The video of the interview is available online. 

Attempts to obtain a comment from Frank were not immediately successful Monday. Scalia had no comment. 

Scalia dissented from the court’s ruling in 2003 that struck down state laws banning consensual sodomy. He has complained about judges, rather than elected officials, deciding questions of morality about which the Constitution is silent. 

Controversial topics like gay rights and abortion should not be in the hands of judges, he has said, calling on people to persuade their legislatures or amend the Constitution. 


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