How Dare you NOT worship at the temple of Obama!!!

The Associated Press reports………

Gov. Sarah Palin reinforced her conservative credentials when she announced she would not accept nearly one-third of the federal stimulus money offered to the state, but Democrats are charging the move will hurt Alaskans.

Palin on Thursday said she would accept only 69 percent of the estimated $930 million dollars that could flow to the state. Palin said she would accept money that did not create strings binding the state in the future.

Palin’s harshest critics said Friday that in rejecting the stimulus money, the former GOP vice presidential candidate was making a play to match other Republican governors who may run for president in 2012 run, such as South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.

“We think it is outrageous that we have a governor who is willing to turn down Alaskans’ fair share of federal stimulus money, money that would go to education, public safety, unemployment resources, health programs,” said Patti Higgins, chairwoman of the Alaska Democratic Party. “It is very clear that the governor is doing this just to further her own narrow political national agenda and ambitions.”

HOW DARE YOU NOT SUCCUMB! BOW AND WORSHIP ME SAYS OBAMA! At least that is how the democrats(they don’t deserve capitalization) seem to think Gov. Palin and all of us should act. To the Govenors credit, she is practicing what she preaches. The democrats, are criticising how she dare be a lady of her word and comment that she is doing so to further HERSELF! So, let me get this straight. You have beliefs, you stick to them, people appreciate it and want to vote for you again regardless of the office you are running for, i.e. the same office or a higher office, , and this is a bad thing? So, let me see, if I am the Govenor, I could reject this and peole would, some how, think this is a reason to vote for me.Doesn’t that mean the voters DON”T WANT IT??? It could ONLY further political ends if the voters AGREED WITH HER! These low-life Obama-philes JUST DON”T GET IT!!!


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