The "Obama cult"

The more I read messageboards, the more I find, a very disturbing trend. Those “Obama-philes” who DO NOT want any questioning or critcism of the “saviour-in-chief”. The “cult-like” mentality that I previously have commented on, seems to be growing. I have seen on numerous ocasions, any statements that do not honor “his saviourness” are SEVERELY AND VICIOUSLY ATTACKED!!! This growing trend is becoming very un-nerving. If our founding fathers could see us now…..what would they think? Is this the idea they had in mind when the fought for our freedom? Do you ever think they had envisioned a nation that disallows desent? A nation that blindly followed a leader in, almost, zoombie-like fashion? Or did they see us as a place where free and open discussions of ideas, debates, honest discourse, and a “little rebellion” would rule the day?


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