Grassley’s got to go NOW!

OK, so Sen. Charles Grassley doesn’t really want AIG executives who accept lavish bonuses to “commit suicide,” as he suggested in an interview Monday. He walked that order back a few steps on Tuesday.

But the Iowa Republican had some other choice words for the bailed-out insurance giant. 

“From my standpoint, it’s irresponsible for corporations to give bonuses at this time when they’re sucking the tit of the taxpayer,” Grassley explained. 

Grassley continued to express his displeasure with the company that is distributing $165 million in bonuses over lawmakers’ objections. He said executives should not be rewarded for running their corporation into the ground.

His antics over the last 2 days have me, and I would hope many others, to question this idiots mental stability.The cries for his resignation should be loud and unending until the desired outcome comes to fruition.

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