So Much For Free Speech…….

“NEW YORK (Reuters) – Hundreds of demonstrators rallied to boycott the New York Post on Thursday, branding the newspaper as racist for publishing a cartoon that appeared to compare President Barack Obama to a chimpanzee.

Demonstrators led by civil rights activist Al Sharpton chanted “End racism now!” outside the parent company’s skyscraper in midtown Manhattan and called for the jailing of Rupert Murdoch, whose international media conglomerate News Corp owns the Post.

The newspaper has defended the cartoon as a parody of Washington politics, but Sharpton said it exploited a potent image in the history of racism toward blacks.”

I have not seen the cartoon but, whether it is or isn’t a racist comment or a parody of the stimulus plan, calling for the JAILING of the newspaper owner for a cartoon, should un-nerve EVERY AMERICAN!!! That has every indication of the calling for this country to become like NAZI Germany, the USSR or mainland China. Or even worse, like the maniacs we are fighting in the Middle East and Afghanistan. Is THAT the Obama-nation? If it is, then it IS an abomination!


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