Bull in a China Shop!

From the New York Daily News…”WASHINGTON – Secretary of State Clinton’s plan to meet in Tokyo with an opposition leader caused a political stir in Japan yesterday in the midst of a ruling party scandal over an allegedly tipsy finance minister.

Breaking with protocol, Clinton said that Ichiro Ozawa, head of the opposition Democratic Party of Japan, would be included in a round of meetings Tuesday beginning withPrime Minister Taro Aso of the Liberal Democratic Party.” Also…”Clinton will also be traveling on hereight-day tour to IndonesiaSouth Korea andChina, where she plans a town hall meeting in Beijing that could be troubling to her hosts.”

Is the Saviour-in-Chief and his Secretary of State TRYING to start World War III or are these 2 numb nuts so stupid as to NOT realize how insulting they are to both the Japanese and the Chinese? Do they not realize the position of the Secretary of State is DIPLOMACY not INSTIGATOR? If this is any indication of the tone of this administration, we better get the manufacturers of body bags to step up production. Because these 2 idiots seem to be doing their best to start something that will result in them being filled!!! You think we aren’t liked now overseas? Wait…..things like this will kick that up to notches unknown!

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