Smoke and Mirrors?????

A post I found on Fox News’ fox Forum…..

Furthermore, an analysis just released by the Congressional Budget Office forecasts a lag effect in Obama’s stimulus plan. The CBO estimates that less than half of Obama’s $355 billion plan for spending on highways, renewable energy and other government projects would make its way through the economy by 2011, thus hobbling Obama’s attempt to jump start a recovery from the recession in anything close to the short term. There is considerable argument among economists and historians about whether FDR’s efforts suffered from the same delays and, ultimately, if FDR’s “make work” projects weren’t half-baked compared to what private innovators and entrepreneurs could have produced. Should it be FDR or Ronald Reagan that Obama is emulating?”
So, let me get this straight…The stimulus plan won’t have any major effect until Savior-in-Chief starts his re-election campaign? Great timing!!! Of course….we are screwed! I also read another CBO report stating that the economy, if left alone, willl show signs of a turn-around by years end.

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