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So Much For Free Speech…….

February 19, 2009

“NEW YORK (Reuters) – Hundreds of demonstrators rallied to boycott the New York Post on Thursday, branding the newspaper as racist for publishing a cartoon that appeared to compare President Barack Obama to a chimpanzee.

Demonstrators led by civil rights activist Al Sharpton chanted “End racism now!” outside the parent company’s skyscraper in midtown Manhattan and called for the jailing of Rupert Murdoch, whose international media conglomerate News Corp owns the Post.

The newspaper has defended the cartoon as a parody of Washington politics, but Sharpton said it exploited a potent image in the history of racism toward blacks.”

I have not seen the cartoon but, whether it is or isn’t a racist comment or a parody of the stimulus plan, calling for the JAILING of the newspaper owner for a cartoon, should un-nerve EVERY AMERICAN!!! That has every indication of the calling for this country to become like NAZI Germany, the USSR or mainland China. Or even worse, like the maniacs we are fighting in the Middle East and Afghanistan. Is THAT the Obama-nation? If it is, then it IS an abomination!


Nation of Cowards?

February 19, 2009

“WASHINGTON (CNN) — America is “a nation of cowards” when discussing race. That sentiment from the country’s first African-American attorney general, Eric Holder, has stirred up pundits, bloggers and readers.

“Though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial, we have always been and we — I believe continue to be in too many ways essentially a nation of cowards,” Holder told Department of Justice employees at an event Wednesday celebrating Black History Month.”

See what we elected? The “saviour-in-chief” appointed an Attorney General who seems to have a disdain for the people of this country. I bet you will find more like him in the posse of POTHUS. The touchy-feeley party seems to have some of the most HATEFUL people in it. They love to call the Republicans racists but, I submit, they do that to deflect attention from the truly hateful Democrats. I grew up in one of the most Democratic Counties in the USA, Hudson County, NJ. From first-hand experience, I can tell you that they, the Democrats, are some of the most corrupt, most racist, some, and I repeat, some, of the most EVIL BASTARDS I ever encountered. 

Bull in a China Shop!

February 17, 2009

From the New York Daily News…”WASHINGTON – Secretary of State Clinton’s plan to meet in Tokyo with an opposition leader caused a political stir in Japan yesterday in the midst of a ruling party scandal over an allegedly tipsy finance minister.

Breaking with protocol, Clinton said that Ichiro Ozawa, head of the opposition Democratic Party of Japan, would be included in a round of meetings Tuesday beginning withPrime Minister Taro Aso of the Liberal Democratic Party.” Also…”Clinton will also be traveling on hereight-day tour to IndonesiaSouth Korea andChina, where she plans a town hall meeting in Beijing that could be troubling to her hosts.”

Is the Saviour-in-Chief and his Secretary of State TRYING to start World War III or are these 2 numb nuts so stupid as to NOT realize how insulting they are to both the Japanese and the Chinese? Do they not realize the position of the Secretary of State is DIPLOMACY not INSTIGATOR? If this is any indication of the tone of this administration, we better get the manufacturers of body bags to step up production. Because these 2 idiots seem to be doing their best to start something that will result in them being filled!!! You think we aren’t liked now overseas? Wait…..things like this will kick that up to notches unknown!

Hurry up and wait……..

February 15, 2009

The new strategy by the “Saviour-in-Chief”. His holiness(notice the little h) has decided to wait until Tuesday to bestow the blessings of Congress on the “little people”. Unfortunately, most of us are not good enough to even rise to the level of “little people”. An OVERWHELMING majority of the “stimulus plan” we will NEVER see! Well, I am wrong. We will being paying eh…… our grandchildren, great-grandchildren etc will be paying to thank all of those  fine indivduals (coughing) who elevated the Saviour-in-Chief to his newly appointed throne. Economists have written that this economic downturn could very well begin turning around by years end WITHOUT his saviourness’ help.Are we all happy now????

Is he lazy or a "homer"?

February 11, 2009

From Fox News in an article about whether or not to call for Congressional hearings on steriods in sports…

   “The American people need leaders who will focus on stemming job losses and getting credit to flow in the marketplace before hearing from yet another person who cheated both himself and the game of baseball,” said House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform chairman Edolphus Towns, a Democrat from New York.
Is this moron so pathetic that he cannot handle more then one issue at a time? Or, is this because its a fellow New Yorker? This bum needs to be made unemployed!

Smoke and Mirrors?????

February 10, 2009

A post I found on Fox News’ fox Forum…..

Furthermore, an analysis just released by the Congressional Budget Office forecasts a lag effect in Obama’s stimulus plan. The CBO estimates that less than half of Obama’s $355 billion plan for spending on highways, renewable energy and other government projects would make its way through the economy by 2011, thus hobbling Obama’s attempt to jump start a recovery from the recession in anything close to the short term. There is considerable argument among economists and historians about whether FDR’s efforts suffered from the same delays and, ultimately, if FDR’s “make work” projects weren’t half-baked compared to what private innovators and entrepreneurs could have produced. Should it be FDR or Ronald Reagan that Obama is emulating?”
So, let me get this straight…The stimulus plan won’t have any major effect until Savior-in-Chief starts his re-election campaign? Great timing!!! Of course….we are screwed! I also read another CBO report stating that the economy, if left alone, willl show signs of a turn-around by years end.

Another "oops"

February 4, 2009

It seems our dear, beloved, saviour-in-chief has a bit of a problem picking cabinet members who haven’t done anything illegal or , at least, very slimey.Is he so nieve as not to know that EVERYTHING comes out during confirmation hearings or, was he relying on his party “homies” to “have his back”? At this point, I would have to say the Obama Administration has definately got off to a very bad start!