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If this is true———-we are in SEVERE DANGER!!!

January 29, 2009

I found this posted on the website of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee…..

“Secretary of Defense Robert Gates is extremely frustrated with orders that the White House is contemplating. According to sources at the Pentagon, including all branches of the armed forces, the Obama Administration may break with a centuries-old tradition. 
A spokesman for General James Cartwright, the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, states that the Obama Administration wants to have soldiers and officers pledge a loyalty oath directly to the office of the President, and no longer to the Constitution. 
“The oath to the Constitution is as old as the document itself.” the spokesman said, “At no time in American history, not even in the Civil War, did the oath change or the subject of the oath differ. It has always been to the Constitution.”
If this is true and not a figment of somebody’s warped imagination, we are in SERIOUS DANGER! This is a classic tactic reserved for dictators and other tyrants! That would mean the President has declared war on US! Since I have not read this elsewhere, for now, I think it is, indeed, a cruel joke being played on us. I have done web searches and not found anything regarding this, so far.

tis is why we are in the shape we are in……..

January 28, 2009

he Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has launched an online petition to express outrage at conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh for saying he wanted President Obama to “fail.”
These morons in the Democratic Party are more worried about a talk show hosts comments then doing the DAMN JOB we pay them to do!!!

This Sickens me…………

January 28, 2009

A Ohio man who led the Cleveland Firefighters Memorial Pipes & Drums band resigned after being suspended for acknowledging the President during the inaugural parade. The President waved to him as he and his band passed by the reviewing stand. He proceeded to “nod” to the President, acknowledging the wave. This, somehow, is so egregious, that this man can no longer work saving lives and property??? How demented has this country become? He is being punished for respecting his own President! Those who have read my blog know I am not a big fan of the President. However…………he is STILL THE PRESIDENT!!! Agree or disagree with him, I would MOST DEFINITELY, acknowledge the man if he were to wave to me and accord him all the respect that ANY President deserves. How low has this country sunk?

Food for Thought…..

January 24, 2009

A released Guantanamo prisoner is now said to be an al-Qaida leader in Yemen. Said Ali al-Shihri, who was released to the Saudi government, has re-emerged as a leader of a Yemeni branch of al-Qaida. He was jailed at Guantanamo for six years after his capture in Pakistan. Maybe the President should look very closely at those prisoners before releasing them on the world.

The Inaugaral Address

January 21, 2009

The President sounded very republican in his address to the nation. Speaking of personal responsibility, strong national defense, and encouraging business, it makes you wonder if his new found friendship with former President and Mrs. Bush hasn’t had some influence on him? It was quite “heart-warming” to see both the Bush’s and the Obama’s hugging and kissing each other goodbye. That should be a lesson for the world. We in the United States act like civilized human beings when we change governments and our outgoing and incoming leaders have always worked together and rely on each other. I just wish those people on the news message boards where as dignified as the President was today.

Welcome Mr. President………….

January 20, 2009

Barack H. Obama has been sworn in as the 44th President of the United States of America. Differences aside, I, as ALL OF US , should wish him well and “GodSpeed”. May he lead well and in good health. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you. 

Welcome Mr. Vice President…..

January 20, 2009

Joseph R. Biden has been sworn in as Vice President of the United States of America. We wish you the best and a tenure we all can be proud of.

Its a bit unnerving……

January 20, 2009

That dissent does not seem to be permissible in the Obama-nation. The cult-like fervor that surrounds the “Savior-Elect” is downright scary! On numerous blogs and message boards, anybody that is not 100% enthusiastic at the coming of our newly elected “messiah” is being vilified unlike anything I’ve have seen in the past. There is, however, a glimmer of hope. If the “Savior-Elect” does drop the ball, some of these most ardent disciples, will become some of the most vicious attack dogs against him. The worry is, will they become too afarid to speak up?

Bill Clinton sees less divisive politics under Obama

January 20, 2009

This comes from the author of the infamous phrase.”the vast right-wing conspiracy”

Obama warns economy could get worse

January 20, 2009

Jan. 16 – Obama says economy likely to get worse before it improves, even with a range of economic measures to move the United States out of a recession………..

Is the Savior-Elect admitting he can’t walk on water?